New SME Food & Beverage Recall Policy

Liberty is pleased to launch our SME Food & Beverage Recall Policy for the Hong Kong and Singapore markets.   

A simple yet comprehensive policy*

Recall insurance policies are often not well understood due to the complexity of the traditional policy structure and policy coverage. Liberty has created a simple yet comprehensive policy, offering a holistic industry solution that caters to the needs of our SME clients. 

Specifically tailored for SME

This cover is specifically tailored for the SME food and beverage industry to help protect manufacturers and suppliers from the risk of recalling contaminated products due to a manufacturing or quality control issue. 

A few features of the policy*

•    Pre-determined premiums based on company turnover and policy limit
•    Fast track claims handling 
•    NIL Self-Insured Retention

* Cover subject to underwriting criteria, and policy terms and conditions.

We're experts in Crisis Management

A Liberty, we are experts in crisis management and offer best-in-class support underpinned by exceptional service, risk engineering and local claims handling.  We understand that each business has different needs and offer bespoke policy wordings to help ensure the right level of protection in an evolving risk environment. 

Unparalleled underwriting expertise and support when it's needed

Working with specialist loss control and loss mitigation consultants, before, during and after a crisis, Liberty has unparalleled underwriting expertise and individually tailored solutions.  And in the event of an incident, our clients have access to a panel of specialist crisis consultants who can provide advice and guidance on the appropriate crisis response. We can respond quickly and effectively to minimise the impact on your client's brand and operations.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss further:

Joyce Cheng
Underwriting Manager, Crisis Management Asia
T  +852 3655 2685 & +65 6622 9220

Si Min Tay
Senior Underwriter, Crisis Management Asia
T  +65 6622 9191

Ken Tung
Underwriter, Crisis Management
T  +603 2082 4007