From our Broker Partners

Every year we manage more than 7,500 commercial claims. Here’s what some of our broker partners and clients had to say about our claims service:

  • “The timeframe that you have turned this around in is quite exceptional and I will be using you as an example next time I am complaining to (other) insurers about their constant hold-ups in paying claims.”


  • "We are pleased with Liberty’s claims service and the coordination and communication with everyone involved. In particular your proactive approach to communicating with the claimants and colleagues so they were kept constantly informed of developments along the way. We appreciate your support and how you served the client on this program."


  • “Instead of just denying the claim because of the misdeclaration of the cargo in the bill of lading, Liberty studied other options, understood the actual circumstances of the claim and came up with a win-win solution for both client and insurer. Other insurers would have just taken the easy way out and denied the claim.”


  • "A terrific example of collaboration from start to finish and the client is very pleased and looking forward to further defining the claims handling piece post renewal with Liberty."


  • “The client thanked the Liberty team for their input and took comfort from the fact that they are in good hands with Liberty’s claims team leading them through this open matter. They recognise Liberty has the engineering expertise to “talk their language” and understand their business.”